Dad forces daughter to pay her ex fiancé back for pawning his grandmother’s ring

Dad forces daughter to pay her ex fiancé back for pawning his grandmother’s ring

It goes without saying that when you agree to marry someone, you never expect that it won’t actually go ahead – especially when there’s a ring involved.

But, sadly, that’s exactly what happened to one couple, who called their engagement off following a row about the husband-to-be’s female friend.

Months prior, the man had given his prospective wife his great-grandmother’s sapphire ring to mark their engagement, which he understandably asked back for once the wedding was no longer due to go ahead.

“My daughter and her fiancé got engaged in September last year and he proposed with his great-grandma’s sapphire ring. She accepted and wore the ring until they had a disagreement over him hanging out with a female friend,” the bride-to-be’s father explained on Reddit’s Am I The A**hole forum.

“They broke up and he asked for the ring back and she wouldn’t give it back. He begged me because his grandma would have a heart attack if she found out and I asked her to give it back, no matter whatever happened between them it’s still an heirloom.”

However, when the man approached his daughter to persuade her to give the sentimental ring back, she confessed that she had pawned it. The bride-to-be’s dad and mum went to every pawn shop in the city and couldn’t find the ring anywhere.

When their daughter eventually agreed to take them to the shop where she sold it, they discovered that the piece of jewellery had already been sold on.

“So we told her we were paying back her ex with the money we would have used to pay back her college,” the dad continued. “She was yelling at us that he was flirting with another girl so how dare we punish her when he was cheating.”

The woman’s parents contacted her ex’s family to apologise and find out how much the ring had cost, and while they had proof the ring had first been purchased in 1926, they weren’t sure on its exact value, so agreed they would pay back $6,000 (£4,250), as the stone was 3.8 carat.

“I think she thought we weren’t serious about making her pay until her student loans came out to be $32,000 so we paid $26,000 and left $6,000 for her,” he added. “She has refused to speak with with us since and my wife wants to just pay the reminder of the loans and but I’m standing firm.”

The dad turned to Reddit to ask whether people thought he was being reasonable in how he handled the situation, and most agreed that she was completely in the wrong for pawning the ring.

“Your daughter is an ungrateful ahole. Unless given on a gift giving day, like Christmas, Hanukah, kwanza, or her birthday an engagement ring is a gift contingent on getting married. She had zero right to pawn a family heirloom, even if he had cheated, which she only said to justify her shty behaviour. She owed him the ring back,” one Reddit user wrote.

“She’s lucky you paid off anything so the audacity to be upset for you STILL paying off the majority of her loans. Keep the ex son in law, ditch the greedy a**hole.”

Another added: “How classless of your daughter to pawn an engagement ring after breaking off the engagement. Especially as it was an heirloom piece.

“Your daughter needs to grow up and stop playing the victim. You did right by making her pay for it. But the question us, why are you paying for all of this for her?”