People left divided over bridesmaid bringing her newborn ‘child-free wedding’

People left divided over bridesmaid bringing her newborn ‘child-free wedding’

A bride-to-be has left people divided, after trying to come up with a solution for her bridesmaids, who are both due to give birth not long before her adult-only wedding.

The bride is insisting on having no children at the wedding, but has tried to come up with a helpful workaround so that her bridesmaids can still enjoy the wedding, while their kids are nearby – but one of them isn’t having it.

“Okay, need some help. Totally irritated and not sure what to do. I have two women in my bridal party that are due, one is a month before and the other is due two and a half months,” the woman wrote in a now-deleted post on Reddit.

“They have known before being pregnant that the event was adult only. And I told them that my fiancé and I will pay for a sitter for the five hours during the ceremony and reception while still being at the venue.”

The bride insists that this will ensure the both babies are being fully looked after, and are still within the same building if either of the bridesmaids want to check on them at any time.

“One of them doesn’t seem willing to have a stranger basically just watch as they can check on the babies as they please,” the bride continued, before pleading with other Reddit users about what she should do.

You might think it sounds perfectly reasonable, but when the original post was shared with a scathing remark, which read: “Imagine being mad at your bridesmaids for getting pregnant,” people were left divided.

“Sorry, honey, we can’t have kids yet,” one Reddit user commented. “Let’s put our life on hold so I can be a bridesmaid, okay?”

Meanwhile, another added: “Regarding the sitter – you don’t leave newborns with strangers. Also if either of the new mums is breastfeeding, five hours is too much hassle going back and forth, especially with wearing fancy bridesmaid clothes that aren’t easy to get in and out of.

“Or if not breastfeeding, the babies will still need to be fed.”

However, another pointed out that it didn’t mean like the bride was annoyed at her bridesmaids, she simply didn’t want children at her wedding and was trying to find a way to make it work.

“I don’t think she’s mad they’re pregnant as much as it sounds like they’re arguing their babies are an exception to a strict adults only rule because they decided to get pregnant before the wedding,” they wrote.

Another added: “No one wants their ceremony interrupted by a crying baby (or two), and I don’t understand why anyone would want their newborn at a loud reception filled with people that you don’t know whether they are sick or not.

“Especially during the tail end of a pandemic.”