McDonald’s worker leaves dramatic note for customers at drive-thru after quitting job

McDonald’s worker leaves dramatic note for customers at drive-thru after quitting job

Many of us have enjoyed a daydream where we hand in our notice in a dramatic fashion after a tough day.

In reality, announcing you’re leaving a job can be nothing short of awkward, but one worker found their way to get their message across.

The McDonald’s employee, in Lousiville, Kentucky, left a blunt sign at the drive-thru which went viral on social media.

It said: “We are closed because I am quitting and hate this job.”

The notice went viral after one customer shared it on Twitter, while trying to purchase the newly launched BTS Meal, which is inspired by the Korean boyband.

One person joked: “There is power in words,” while another said: “Putting this sign on the front door of my office tomorrow morning.”

A third asked: “Why don’t they save us all the trouble and put up a sign saying their milkshake machine isn’t working.”

Another quipped: “How did the ice cream machine type this?”

Others were prompted to share their tales of dramatically quitting their jobs, as one shared: “This is pretty much how I quit my job at the car wash, minus putting a sign up.

“Long story short, hot day working by myself for a 13-hour shift, around 3 hours in someone didn’t put their car in neutral on the track and drove into me.

“Decided I didn’t get paid enough and left lol.”

Across America, restaurant employees quit at record levels in April, due to ongoing pressures amid the pandemic.

One hospitality worker shared the picture, adding, “I’m working a job where we have less than half the employees that corporate has deemed required for the business to function and I am exhausted.”

Another posted: “Good for them. I should’ve done that when I had to close as the only cashier for Walmart by myself last month.”