I spent £3,000 on an extreme glow up transformation to prepare for hot girl summer’

I spent £3,000 on an extreme glow up transformation to prepare for hot girl summer’

When summertime rolls around, we all love to look our best and there are certain things we might do to achieve this, like having our hair done or getting mani-pedis so our feet look great in sandals and our hands are at their finest while wrapped around a glass of Pimm’s.

But one woman claims to have gone above and beyond ahead of the warmer months, or as she’s calling it ‘hot girl summer’.

Millie Taylforth, a YouTuber from London, has gone viral after sharing her ‘extreme glow up’ online, reports The Daily Star.

In a video shared on the platform with her 1.9 million subscribers, Millie shared how she forked out a whopping £3,000 on her transformation – which included a fox eye lift and nose thread lift.

The 20-year-old begins the process by heading to a hair salon to sort out her locks, getting a full head of balayage colour.

Next, it’s off to a Harley Street clinic for a nose thread lift – a non-invasive procedure that lifts the tip of her nose and helps widen her nostrils a little bit.

In the video she says: “I’m getting nose threads just to like slightly correct my nose just because it’s a little off side in the middle and I don’t really want to get a nose job or anything like that.

“But I can get these nose threads, which just tweaks your nose ever so slightly to be more like symmetrical or whatever.

“My nostrils are kind of tiny and I just want to widen it a little, hopefully it doesn’t go wrong.”

Inside the clinic, she was given an anaesthetic injection in the nose before the beautician inserted a needle at the tip while re-shaping her nose.

After the procedure, Millie films herself looking into a mirror to see the results.

Thrilled with the outcome, she proclaims: “Oh wow! What, oh my God, that is actually crazy.

“How did you do that? Such a change.”

She goes on to admit that while at the clinic she decided to also get a fox eye lift which cost an additional £600.

The video also shows her spending £60 on acrylic nails – although she’s not happy with the end result and she also pays to have hair extensions put in.

After everything is done Millie compares her before and after look and while she’s happy with the results, Millie confesses she didn’t realise it would end up costing her so much.

She seems to regret getting the non-surgical procedures done as once healed, she couldn’t tell if they’d really made much of a difference to her appearance.

She adds: “I feel it’s not really done anything and I spent so much money on that as well, like a disgusting amount of money.

“I did not realise it was that expensive until it was too late.”

Her followers didn’t agree though and many took to the comments of the video to praise how good she looked.

One person said: “The fox eye lift definitely did something.”

Another wrote: “The nose threads is the best non-surgical procedure she’s done it suits her so much deffo worth it sis!!! You look amaze.”

A third replied: “The procedures actually look so good!!! There’s definitely a difference but little enough that it doesn’t look horrendously fake, you looked beautiful before too though!”

Someone else added: “Millie you are stunning both ways!!! I love your openness about this and can see how it’s de-stigmatizing the negative response to cosmetic procedures!! The fox lift is so beautiful on you!”