From bag dresses to tiara rental: this week’s fashion trends

From bag dresses to tiara rental: this week’s fashion trends

Socially distanced hats What the wide skirt was to winter, the oversized straw hat is to summer.

Hair flicks 2.0 Dua Lipa and Billie Piper are reviving this 90s look with panache.

Twitcher-chic It’s 10 years since Lady Gaga hatched out of an egg at the Grammys and 20 since Björk wore a swan to the Oscars. We’re due a Big Bird moment at Cannes.

Bag dresses Like 2019’s tent-shaped dresses, but big enough to fit thermals underneath. See Ganni and Cos.

Kevin Costner From Emma Stone at the Cruella premiere to the Weeknd at the Billboard awards, dressing like an early-90s bodyguard has never been cooler.

Going down
Tiara rental The next phase of rental? Thanks to Bridgerton, a few new sites are loaning regal headgear. Imagine the insurance.

Chalamania Timothée Chalamet is to play Willy Wonka in a new film. After Dune and the new Wes Anderson, he’s peaked.

Overspill bags If the pandemic retired that second bag you took on your commute, it has replaced it with a bag for carrying flowers.

Age-bragging For all those complaining they are waiting for vaccines to reach their age bracket, we get it – you’re young.

Streaming If we learned anything from Mare Of Easttown’s Monday slot, it’s that waiting a week to watch something is… good?